BAOLIHUI Luxuries is a comprehensive enterprise, mainly engaged in second-hand watch transactions, covering the sales of famous wines, mortgage, watch of repair and other industries. Headquartered is located in Chengdu. Since in 2009, the company has established more than 20 brand direct sales stores which in Chengdu, Chongqing, Guiyang, Kunming, Wuhan, Wenzhou and other cities.
         In 2017, the company launched online promotion and marketing business. Not only had we set the official mall business, but we opened electronic business platform official flagship store in, TaoBao. In addition, the company innovatively adopted a variety of online and offline sales models of B2C, C2C, C2B, and O2O, which not only established a good reputation in the industry, but also built a shared trading ecosystem for more consumers. In terms of product service, BAOLIHUI always adhered to the enterprise spirit of “professional, fair and honest”. Specialized sales consultants will be provided “one-for-one, all-weather, one-stop professional services” to each customer. At the same time, BAOLIHUI also promises that every product of the company is genuine and ensures that consumers have a pleasant shopping experience.
         In 2019, it was the tenth year of the establishment of the company. Looking back over the past ten years, the scale of business operations has been continuo......[ View more ]



Second-hand watch

Second-hand name list online and offline sales, name list identification, consignment, recycling, maintenance and so on. The business scope of famous watch brands includes: PATEK PHILIPPE、A. LANGE & SÖHNE、BLANCPAIN、VACHERON CONSTANTIN、BREGUET、JAEGER-LECOULTRE

Watch of repair and maintenance

FEIYU Watch Repair Center promises to take every watch seriously. The procedures are complete, the charges are reasonable, and the price is open and transparent (can also be face-to-face inspection, face-to-face pricing, face-to-face repair).

GUANGJIAO Liquor&wine

GUANGJIAO Liquor&wine is a newly-launched liquor and old liquor recycling consignment business of BAOLIHUI. Its specific business scope includes: identification, sales, recycling of famous liquor and wines, vintage wines. The brand scope of the business covers: MAOTAI, WULIANGYE, DONGJIU, FENJIU, JIANNANCHUN, XIFENG, etc.


The business contents include: movable property pledge pawn business, property rights pledge pawn business, real estate mortgage pawn business, absolutely pawn selling business, and other civilian pawn business.

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